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  • - 223 Midi Samples
    - 625 Audio Samples
    - Dry / Wet versions
    - Size after unpacking: 950 MB
    - Available Formats: WAV, AIFF (+Midis)

    Price: $39.50

  • - 2329 unique sound effects
    - Wide range of possible usage in music production
    - Fade in, fade out, hits, noises, reverses, scratch fxs, voices, ambient fxs and more
    - Size: 2,09 GB
    - Available Formats: WAV, AIFF

    Price: $60.49

  • - 1168 Hard Sound Effects
    - Invaluable for Hardstyle, Hardcore, Noise, Gabber, Techno Music
    - Hard, dark, crushing sound
    - Size: 1 GB after unpacking
    - Available Formats: WAV, AIFF

    Price: $41.97

  • - 32 synth multi samples
    - Warm sounds of hardware synths
    - Suitable for house, trance, chillout, electronic
    - Compatible with most virtual samplers
    - Size: 800 MB / format
    - Available Formats: SF2, SXT, EXS24

    Deeper Instruments Vol.1 is a set of multisamples that you won't find anywhere else. Warm, deep, clear and sophisticated sounds designed with passion and care for detail...

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    Price: $20.99

Showing 121 - 124 of 124 items
Category description

Reason is widely known as extremely powerful Digital Audio Workstation developed by Propellerhead Software. It has everything needed to make magnificent DJ sets and music production and audio tracks, sequencers, samplers, synthesizers and many more. It is really intuitive to use and that is one of the most commonly stated argument for Reason as one of the most used DAW software available for DJ community and music producers. Reason for years have a staple software which built a large fan base in a relatively short period of time. What we want to do for users of Reason is giving them high quality music production mix tools completely compatible with this amazing DAW, ranging from construction kits, drum loops, drum samples, synths, loops and more tools depending on what do you need to prepare a fantastic DJ set or DJ mix in any genre you need of want to. Therefore if you want to have the perfect combination of best audio interface and quality, creative batch of DJ mix tool, your best bet is getting great sample packs for Reason and filling that sample library as much as possible. Reason DAW plus Lucid Samples, is the perfect combination for music producers and DJ's.

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