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  • - 2329 unique sound effects
    - Wide range of possible usage in music production
    - Fade in, fade out, hits, noises, reverses, scratch fxs, voices, ambient fxs and more
    - Size: 2,09 GB
    - Available Formats: WAV, AIFF

    Price: $67.28

Showing 25 - 25 of 25 items
Category description

One of the most used DJ samples right now are so called One shots, they are so popular because of the versatility of how you as a music producer can take advantage of the mixtools. No matter what genre you are into, we are sure you will find helpful, efficient and high quality one shot sample packs for professional DJ's and producers. If you are into quick and effective music composing or you need to add something spicy to your music and tracks, feel free to check up this category, you will not be disappointed.