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  • - Brilliant Bells Melodies
    - 51 Wav Phrases
    - 43 Midi Chords Lines
    - Tempo: 102-120 BPM
    - Size: 484 MB
    - Format: 24bit/96kHz Wav

    Price: $12.36

  • - 1171 various Drum Loops
    - Groove/ Funky/ Hip Hop/ Techno/ Electronic
    - Tempo: 73-150 BPM
    - Size: 1,2 GB after unpacking
    - Wav format
    - Producer: Frose

    If you're looking for interesting drum loops at a reasonable price, you have found it. Funktronic Loops is a set of 1171 drum loops in electronic, groove, funky, new age, or techno style...

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    Price: $15.11

  • - 1008 all samples
    - 458 loops
    - 88 synthlines
    - 119 sound effects
    - 59 midi samples
    - Loops BPM: 126-128
    - 1,59 GB unzipped content
    - 24bit-44.1 kHz Wav Format

    Price: $39.82

  • - 2.381 trance bass loops
    - 44 sets recorded key by key
    - Avarage sampled 4,5 octaves / 1 set
    - All samples in 140 BPM
    - 2,12 GB unzipped content 
    - Format: 24-bit/ 44.1kHz Wav

    Price: $38.45

  • - 5 Trap Construction Kits
    - 68 Wav Tracks
    - Full mixes
    - 105-136 BPM
    - 1,34 GB content
    - 24-bit wav format

    Price: $17.17

  • - 5 Trap Construction Kits
    - 65 Wav Tracks
    - Full mixes
    - 76-139 BPM
    - 1,09 GB content
    - 24-bit wav format

    Price: $17.17

  • - 153 African House Drum Loops
    - 153 Rex2 Drum Loops
    - 202 Drum Hit samples
    - Tempo of Loops: 126 bpm and 128 bpm
    - Formats: WAV / AIFF, REX2

    Price: $6.87

Showing 121 - 127 of 127 items
Category description

WAV is the most popular format of the digital sound on PC platform. All producers needs to be familiar with this format, because it is the windows native one. Like the Mac's AIFF, WAV format is uncompressed, so it means that audio streaming is fast and direct. Almost all our samples packs are equipped with WAV format. Some starting producers can ask question why? Answer hides in compatibility of particular Sample Players. Almost all of them can open this format created by Microsoft Company. If You are looking, does Your beloved sampler can load and work with the WAV sample files, just go to the manual and read it careful. The quality of bits rating inside each sample pack is ultra-high. Some of them are even more than this, - we offer 24bits samples also. In this category You can find samples for almost all possible music genres including most popular nowadays :Electro Pop, Electro House, Trap. On the other hand You can find samples, that fits into some one type of sound, like great pads collections or EDM FX drops. Choosing this type of format You are sure that desired sounds, that You are hearing in demos, can be used inside Your favourite DAW. Generally our goal is to provide You the best quality of use of our sample packs. That is why some of them do have even more than format files than standard WAV. As You can see it is really good to choose our samples, and trust our company.

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