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How to choose DAW? Part II – Cubase and Pro Tools

At first we’re going to compare the most popular Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) of our questionnaire – Cubase and Pro Tools. These programs are also the best known in...
Producer try choose new Digital Audio Workstations for work

How to choose Digital Audio Workstations? Part I – Introduction

Digital Audio Workstations: Intro Some time ago I asked you for help in writing an article about available Digital Audio Workstations. I know that the decision which workstation would be...




Sample libraries in Nexus 3 vst plugin

Nexus 3: One Of A Kind Rompler By reFx

With the quick development of sampling technology, virtual analog instruments aren’t dominating the market anymore. For a long time virtual analog instruments...
Top 10 best vst Instruments for music production

10 Most Sought-after VST Instruments (2019)

Spire Spire possesses lots of great presets, and sounds in stylish and forceful way. It`s an excellent supplementary...

Lucidsamples – Interview with splashgvng

Hi splashgvng , so how did you get into music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKjX8cpWVRA Neither of...