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All the best tips for DJ’s and music producers, from the best professional music makers we take their knowledge and give it to You

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Acapella DJ Samples

6 trusted places where you can find Acapella DJ Samples Acapella dj samples are pretty desirable type of samples these days. Acapella sample packs contain spoken words, phrases, hooks or...

Ways to keep fans / people coming to your DJ performance !

Gigs and More Gigs DJ performances are one of the vast topics in our culture. We know how important it is to prevail in the niche and make progress in...

Selling used DJ Gear for a better price Little Guide

When you are about to sell DJ Gear, it is recommended to set up some realistic goals for the transaction you will face. That's why you should know your expectations...

Music Formats | Short Guide for releasing music tracks

Music production requires many decision making situations to be cleared. One of the most obvious one is picking music formats for correct productions. We will discuss now the most...

Must Have DJ Skills for DJ'ing in any possible place and time

Despite all the things people are saying about DJ skills and techniques - that this job is easy and everybody can do it in a matter of minutes -...
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Music Producing Ways to become better quite swiftly

Lucid Samples has been giving helpful advices to DJs through many previous articles and guides. Today let's focus on music producing and aspects making your life as one much easier,...
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Louder Mix ? | Great Tricks to make your EDM Mix Better !

EDM MIX INTRO EDM is really specific when it comes to mixdown and mastering since, due to it's popularity, the song build up can be really simple and minimalistic and...
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How to master recordings? Working with sound frequencies

The instruments and voice recordings are not always in best possible quality. Today I will explain to you how to work with sound frequencies in your mixes. And how...
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How easy is to create electronic music?

Few days ago David Ireland posted an article on Magnetic Mag blog. It has been shared several hundreds of times and caused some confusion. The author says to stop...
Headphones and Microphone

Vocal samples in modern electronic music productions

Vocal samples & acapella packs are very popular among djs and music producers. They let you create much more interesting tunes. You can either record them in studio or...




Sample libraries in Nexus 3 vst plugin

Nexus 3: One Of A Kind Rompler By reFx

With the quick development of sampling technology, virtual analog instruments aren’t dominating the market anymore. For a long time virtual analog instruments...
Top 10 best vst Instruments for music production

10 Most Sought-after VST Instruments (2019)

Spire Spire possesses lots of great presets, and sounds in stylish and forceful way. It`s an excellent supplementary...

Lucidsamples – Interview with splashgvng

Hi splashgvng , so how did you get into music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKjX8cpWVRA Neither of...