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Everything you need to know about home studio development, how to establish successful studio, with great prosperity.

Picking up the EQ: The Mixer for professional DJ's and music Producers

We decided to make a short series about DJ's equipment we the strong emphasis on performance EQ, you may wonder and expect the this will be your typical evaluation...

Selling used DJ Gear for a better price Little Guide

When you are about to sell DJ Gear, it is recommended to set up some realistic goals for the transaction you will face. That's why you should know your expectations...
Music production computer in a studio

How to choose a music production computer

Music production computer is the center of your audio universe. Whether you want to start making music or to change your current music hardware setup you need to consider...
Sound effects wave visualisation image

Where to find the best sound effects (SFX) in 2018

Sound effects are important part not only for music production but also for making videos, movies and games. Often called SFX, various sounds are in demand for music producers,...
studio life

Which studio monitors should I choose?

Some time ago we wrote an article about the importance of studio monitors. Today we are here to help you choose the right studio monitors for you. Assuming you have...

How to equip your home recording studio?

Can you feel the music, love to create something new, you are going to compose your own music but you do not know how to start, how to equip...
electronic music

How easy is to create electronic music?

Few days ago David Ireland posted an article on Magnetic Mag blog. It has been shared several hundreds of times and caused some confusion. The author says to stop...

Producing a successful DJ Mix: A couple of great Tricks and Tips.

We figured that some of you beginners coming out of the zone of DJ'ing and producing would like to receive a couple of nice tricks and tips on techniques...
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Mixdown and Workflow Tips for Music Producers Part I

Introduction to our guide Today we want to pick up the story of technical aspects of music producing to be precise bedroom producing. We all list up great tricks and...
Music productiom with free software

Free software dedicated to music production in 2018

Are you into music and would like to know how to make professional dj loops, mix various music samples and produce music that will make you famous? To do...




Lucidsamples – Interview with splashgvng

Hi splashgvng , so how did you get into music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKjX8cpWVRA Neither of...

Welcome to the Black Friday Sale 2018

All our samples are -25% All you need it use this code during the checkout: blackfriday2018 or click the link: https://www.lucidsamples.com/?voucher=blackfriday2018 To get -25% on all your shopping cart...

iTunes Guide

How can I upload my music onto iTunes? If you are an unsigned artist, you can do it yourself, or you can use help from...