Advancing to a higher status as a DJ, in other word being successful isn’t going to happen over one performance, that is highly unlikely and it requires specific measures. If you want to stand against the gigantic competition in DJ community you must do what being a DJ is all about, two words: musicianship and showmanship, keeping the party all night long is not a small thing to achieve, to be blunt it requires all you have as a DJ, playing to 100% of your capabilities. All this hard work cannot go to ruins, but it will and you know why ?

Because no one knows You …

That’s why you need to make a name for yourself in the community like right now. The best way of getting to know with critical people, producers on social media, is definitely Twitter, I’ve seen so many DJ and musicians keeping in contact with others and posting their work through Twitts, that I think it’s madness, it is the way to go and you should start working on your profile like right now. The next crucial and most important step is to release as many mixtapes as you can through the means of service such as mix cloud and soundcloud, this is one of the most common but most successful way of establishing your position, it may require lots of work and a lot of time consumed but we are sure it will go very nicely for you in the long run. The last thing is very obvious but many of you do not find it fun or amusing beside making mixtapes, what I mean its an actual performance live, you HAVE to play live that is crucial, important and you cannot avoid it. That being said take this tips and start grinding up the gear and make that name in DJ community starting today.


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