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Music Production | Part 2 of making your projects better and efficient

Music Production: continuing the guide

We are coming back to the discussion from the last week about becoming a successful producer, when you are stuck in full time job or you have too little time to express yourself and practice set or compose new music for instance. We talked about polishing ideas, keeping up to date sample libraries by purchasing new mixtools or acquiring them from our store. If we are done with these steps, we already have good dose of exercises and way of improving as a composer, music producer so on and so forth. Now we will enter another couple of states of mind and we will give another couple of trick and tips, so let’s start with music production guide – part two!

Music production computer in a studio
Sound engineer working at mixing panel in the boutique recording studio.

One of the best things you can spend time on as a music producer is learning at least basic music theory. Most of modern producers and DJ’s have known for a long time that it is actually not required in order to make perfectly fine music, but as the time passes by, you need to learn new things and gain experience in order to expand your possibilities. No one asks you to spend money and lot’s of time for an expensive school, no. Just give it an hour a day and it will be enough to highly improve your craft, musicianship, ideas for songs and many more. Having the basic idea and allowing yourself to properly distinguish scales, how to build songs around them is enough already to make things go faster.

If you are making up excuses to work properly, besides doing all the activities, it is one of the things which require instant reaction. You need to schedule sessions for yourself right away. Half an hour long session should be enough to make your brain think creatively without making the whole thing a chore. Give them a shot and your response to finding time to make actually music will be prolonged immensely. It should keep you going in the long run.
Last thing – quick tip to make a separate folder for unfinished projects that will ‘prevail’ and those that will be trashed for sure. This really helps you to keep track of what are you making, how is the progress going, what can be improved and what cannot. It’s easy, clean and will leave you with plenty of time for other things.