Mixing in Key ? Why is it important for DJ's who prefer digital hardware

Since digital form of DJ'ing and music production got recognition and it has been proven, that going digital has many advantages over analogue forms and one of the best...
music producing

Music Producing Ways to become better quite swiftly

Lucid Samples has been giving helpful advices to DJs through many previous articles and guides. Today let's focus on music producing and aspects making your life as one much easier,...
samples and loops

How to find a reliable place to get samples and loops?

Samples and loops Can be difficult to find! Ensuring a good quality of music & samples and loops is connected to many factors. Our work can be rendered pointless because...

Second announcement and last chance to enter Lucid Samples competition @blend.io

The time is coming, our competition organised with curtsy of blend.io is soon coming to an end, this is the last chance to enter and win great prizes for...




Lucidsamples – Interview with splashgvng

Hi splashgvng , so how did you get into music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKjX8cpWVRA Neither of...

Welcome to the Black Friday Sale 2018

All our samples are -25% All you need it use this code during the checkout: blackfriday2018 or click the link: https://www.lucidsamples.com/?voucher=blackfriday2018 To get -25% on all your shopping cart...

iTunes Guide

How can I upload my music onto iTunes? If you are an unsigned artist, you can do it yourself, or you can use help from...