Creative Digital Music, Peter Kirn meet up with the author of new book published by Ableton, Dennis DeSantis, to talk about the process of writing and what is more important process of composing music which is what book is about. ‘Music Making’ is a great addition for musicians, DJ’s and music producers in general who want to rethink how they compose their tracks and music. In the interview there is a really nice discussion orbiting around, struggling with no creativity whatsoever and periods of time where a composer cannot think outside of the box. What makes the interview really golden is that both men are excelling in music theory and composing, they know what they are talking about and the discussion about the book is very legitimate and interesting on top of that. The author of the book Dennis DeSantis has a colorful background he emerged from classical music to take interest in electronic music, which maybe is not uncommon, but still from experience it is a great story to tell. ‘Making Music‘ contain interesting knowledge and challenges in terms of musicianship and ideas. If you want to read an interview about music production  experts discussing classical music transition into techno and about the new Ableton release please check out the article in the link below.


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