Vaski podcast about DJing at souncloud
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We decided to look up for some amazing soundcloud DJ sets since we have our own for sometime, it’s called looking for inspiring individuals who make great music, who also make the community really hearthy and fresh. Vaski is one great example of how to run things really good, we’ve listen to the podcast he is hosting and the plays there are really top notch, it clearly is because people are thrilled with his mix and set pickups, almost all the tunes are like little gems mixed up into one big blend of DJ sets awesomeness. If you really want to gain some inspiration out of great sets and music creativity then check out Vaski’s podcast at his soundcloud. Atmosphere there is really solid and hyped since people love those carefully picked cherries melted into beautiful sundae of sounds and melodies. If you are thinking of getting some inspiring sounds please visit our soundcloud and DJ samples at our site and visit Vaski and his podcast right now ! In future we hope to find many more great soundcloud profiles with amazing artist who should be exposed into more views and listens, hope you all like it and feel free to suggest other great artist whom DJ sets might be really interesting.