Productive DJ: The Correct Way (Writer’s Block)

We all have them despite the things we are doing / making in life the usual unproductive days / weeks it depends, you have a bad time in your life, your mixes sound not so as they used to, you have been criticized for using sample packs or already made stuff and you do not have the confidence you used to have. These are some of the reason with might cause Writer’s Block, today we will discuss ways to overcome this obstacle with some tricks and tips. Producers and DJ’s often get stuck on their own stuff thinking about way to improve and in many cases this actually doesn’t help with, what I would suggest is preparing carefully a nice and long playlist of songs that make you feel really calm, food and produce the feelings, these actually will motivate you so try to carry those at all cost, on your portable player, phone or whatever you wish to use. These can of playlist will evoke new ideas and keep you hyped for new ideas, music and possibilities and help to avoid Writer’s Block!.

Where can You find inspiration for making music

Writer's BlockNext thing, remember all these small projects in your Digital Audio Workstation ? Like when you made some great short loops which didn’t have any real purpose and you couldn’t include them in you current mixtape. Yeah make a nice folder where you can put these kind of things for later, you never know what might happen, and how can you utilize all these small creative ideas for later, just keep them and give them time. One of the best ways to get inspiration really quickly is to deconstruct one of your favourite track into pieces to understand how does it came up to life, what equipment and software was actually used what FX had established the sound, do this exercise and I guarantee you will overcome the lack of ideas for your own stuff. That is all for today keep up the good work, and stay true to electronic music! Avoid Writer’s Block at all cost if you can!