Vinyl Cut Chords

- 649 chord samples
- Samples taken directly from vinyls
- Usefulness in Hip-Hop, RnB, Chillout, House, Electronic Music
- Available Formats: WAV, AIFF

Vinyl Cut Chords, Vinyl Samples, Vinyl Chords, Rhodes Chords

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About Vinyl Cut Chords

We present you a sample pack taken directly from actual vinyl records.

It features a bunch of great electric Rhodes piano chords and many other electric piano chords. Moreover, the pack includes original versions of the samples as well as the already mastered versions. Just use the right one to get the effect you want. We hope it will make the mixing at least a bit easier for you. The specific sound of vinyl recordings can be a part of your music even today.

Vinyl Cut Chords includes:

  • 31 Chords
  • 30 Piano Chords
  • 66 Rhodes 1
  • 110 Rhodes 2
  • + 412 processed samples

In total: 649 Chord Samples