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  • -117 개의 드럼 루프
    -90 멜로디 루프
    -137 개의 싱글 드럼
    -배터리, Kontakt, EXS24 패치
    -총 812 개 파일
    -루프 템포 : 125-127 BPM

    Hanky Panky 샘플에서 Dark n Nasty를 얻으십시오. 최대 분량의 어둡고 불쾌하며 섹시한 일렉트로 스타일 드럼, 멜로디 루프 및 wav 및 rex2 형식으로 제공되는 원샷 기능이 있습니다.

    Price: £19.95

  • -100 % 인간 비트 박스
    -917 인간 음성 사운드
    -DJ 스크래치 루프
    -보컬 MC 프레이즈
    -크기 : 압축을 푼 콘텐츠 373MB
    -형식 : 24 비트 WAV, NI Kontakt, 배터리

    Price: £15.00

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Battery  - 샘플 팩

Battery is the most popular drum sampler on earth. Native Instruments product was chosen by lot of best EDM and Hip Hop producers. Sampler is having not only possibility of loading its own Battery format mapped 'sample drums sets'. The 4th edition was supplied with great effects and even side chain option. At the audio software market there are tons of Sample Players and ROMplers.....So why Battery is so popular? The most significant key to resolve this question is the great workflow, clean and visible options. Places where You do have Your own bought samples for Battery like Ours can be accessed with just mouse click. Our products in this category are 100 percent compatible with this NI product format. Battery can also load other most popular sample formats so if You are buying our sample packs then You can be sure that more formats are also included inside. Native Instruments Battery from beginning was product with huge success on the market, because it supports compatibility with all DAWS even with Pro Tools, it works great at Mac and Win both 32 and 64 bits systems. That is why as a great company we bring You products to the one of best software Sample Players in history of music. Right now You can checkout and download Samples, Packs for Native Instruments Battery sampler.