Hardstyle Kicks

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Short summary

-250 개의 하드 킥 샘플
-53 회 바운스 킥
-98 개의 왜곡 된 차기
-22 익스트림 킥
-41 필터링 된 차기
-36 번 하드 킥

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  • 하드 스타일 킥, 하드 스타일을위한 킥 샘플, 하드 코어 킥

    About Hardstyle Kicks

    We present you the most powerful, heavily distorted and devastating kick samples to be used in hardstyle, hardcore, techno and gabber! Bounce Kicks and Distorted Kicks will surely help you to build a ground for many tunes, and filtered kicks will spice them up, add freshness and expression to the sound. Extreme kicks is a total slaughter for the people who don't respect any limitations. We invite you to listen to the demo.

    Content of Hardstyle Kicks

    • 53 Bounce Kicks
    • 98 Distorted Kicks
    • 22 Extreme Kicks
    • 41 Filtered Kicks
    • 36 Hard Kicks

    In total: 250 hardstyle kicks

    *These samples are part of "Top Club Drums" pack as well as "Hardcore Samples Invasion". If you already have one of these, do not buy this pack.