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  • -900 개 이상의 정통 Soca 스타일 루프
    -22 개의 Soca 건설 키트
    -148 개의 Wav 드럼 루프
    -133 Rex2 드럼 루프
    -형식 : 24 비트 Wav, Rex2

    Price: £30.00

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Soca  - 샘플 팩

Soca sample pack will bring the almighty African vibe into your digital audio workstation, if you are looking for exclusive local exotic sounds from this continent then you are in the right spot, that's what you can find in this quite unusual genre, total freshness calypso-like rhythms and sounds and many other amazing mixtools, like drum samples which are exclusively prepared for soca sample packs. If you are soca samples fan you should find yourself very satisfied with the content of this category. Simply check the previews of music production tools made for soca producers and you will know the deal. Hear, check and download in seconds.