Big Hardcore Bundle

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-궁극의 하드 코어 팩 번들-7 in 1
-Hardstyle, Gabber, Techno 및 기타 여러 스타일에도 적합합니다.
-10,000 개 이상의 오디오 샘플
-7GB 이상의 압축 해제 된 콘텐츠
-추가 할인 가격-35 % OFF!
-형식 : WAV (24bit / 16bit), SF2, SXT

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  • 빅 하드 코어 테크노 번들-HC 테크노를위한 10.000 개 이상의 샘플 및 루프

    Big Hardcore Bundle

    This is madness. This is Hardcore! We proudly introduce to you one of biggest and best hc techno bundles. Big Hardcore Bundle contains all you need to produce hardcore techno music.

    • Hardcore drums - kicks, snares, claps, hihats, cymbals
    • Drum loops
    • Multi-sampled bass drums
    • Synth samples & synth loops
    • Dark pads
    • Hardcore and Hardstyle midis
    • Sound effects
    • Voices, vocals and screams

    This sample pack is filled with everything from drums and drum loops to synth sounds to create shocking melodies. Additional sound effects and vocals can be added using other parts of this bundle. This all-in-one swiss army knife sample pack can be also used for Hardstyle, Jumpstyle and Techno productions.

    Big Hardcore Bundle features:

    • The Ultimate Hardcore Sample Packs Bundle (7 in 1)
    • Over 10 000 audio samples
    • Over 7GB of unzipped content
    • Great also for Hardstyle, Gabber, Techno and other HC styles
    • Extra reduced price - 35% OFF! (You save 70 GBP)
    • Formats: WAV, SoundFonts & SXT Patches

    Big Hardcore Bundle content:

    Hardcore Leads
    • 50 Multi Sampled Hard Leads
    • Quality Sounds of Hardware
    • Cool for Hard Dance Genres
    • Avarage 24 MB / 1 SF2 sample
    • Every third key is sampled
    • Size: 1,17 GB - 1,76 GB / format
    • Available formats: SF2, SXT
    Hardcore Samples Invasion
    • 2006 most powerful samples for hardcore techno
    • Very hard and noise sound
    • Drums, kicks, loops, effects, synths, pads, textures
    • Size: 1 GB
    • Available formats: WAV, AIFF
    Hardcore Kicks Invasion
    • 2000+ Powerful Kicks for Hardcore Techno
    • 55 Multi Sampled Kicks
    • Extra Synthlines and Fx Sounds
    • Fantastic, hard and distorted sounds
    • Size: 1 GB after unpacking
    • Formats: WAV, AIFF, SF2, SXT
    Hardcore Voices Invasion
    • 800 unique hardcore vocals samples
    • Types: phrases, words, loops, effects
    • Stunning and powerful sound
    • For use in Hardcore, Gabber, Noise
    • Size: 598MB after unpacking
    • Available Formats: WAV, AIFF
    Hardstyle Midi
    • 223 Midi Samples
    • 625 Audio Samples
    • Dry / Wet versions
    • Size after unpacking: 950 MB
    • Available Formats: WAV, AIFF (+Midis)
    Hardstyle FX
    • 1168 Hard Sound Effects
    • Invaluable for Hardstyle, Hardcore, Noise, Gabber, Techno Music
    • Hard, dark, crushing sound
    • Size: 1 GB after unpacking
    • Available Formats: WAV, AIFF
    Noisy Drummer
    • 2000+ drum samples
    • 1200+ loops
    • Noisy, crushing, sharp sounds
    • A lot of unusual techno/ industrial loops
    • Suitable for techno, industrial & hardcore techno, schranz, gabber, noise
    • Size: 1,17 GB unzipped content
    • Format: WAV