Electronic House Vol. 1

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Short summary

-20 개의베이스 루프
-28 개의 드럼 루프
-17 개의 기타 루프
-11 개의 신스 루프
-14 개의 FX 사운드
-76 Rex2 루프
-180MB / 166 개 파일
-형식 : 24 비트 Wav, Rex2

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  • 전자 하우스 Vol. 1-133MB의 하우스 / 전자 샘플

    Electronic House Vol. 1 opens a new series of “portable” sample packs, which is focused rather to less experienced Dj’s and music creators. Good sound quality of samples might also interest professional and commercial music makers.

    The pack is divided into 5 folders: drum loops, misc loops, synth loops and fx sounds. Bass loops and synth loops with the same index always fit each other. Example: bass loop #5 and synth loop #5 will make an excellent pair. Some loops with different numbers will also be compatible and will make interesting combinations.

    The pack contains:

    - 20 Bass Loops
    - 28 Drum Loops
    - 17 Misc Loops
    - 11 Synth Loops
    - 14 FX Sounds
    - 76 Rex2 Loops
    - 180 MB / 166 files
    - 24-bit wav samples & rex2 loops

    Tempo of all loops: 130 BPM

    For a greater loop variety consider buying next volumes:

    Electronic House Vol. 2
    Electronic House Vol. 3