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Top DJ mistakes

We are looking today at couple of DJ mistakes commonly made by music producers as well, first stop are sample packs, we clearly know that there is nothing wrong with purchasing music production tools like mixtools, construction tools and sample packs at most. The problem is this the ways of how people are using them, what you should pay attention to is creative ways of utilising sample packs in your mixes and tracks, that is the correct way to go, free samples music loops may short out your work by a large margin, but you have to make it more and more productive using ready samples may not give you the result you are aiming for, therefore please tweak and work on those sample packs whenever you can to avoid DJ Mistakes.

Next stop are default values on equalizers and all the devices for music production you’ve been using all the time, those knobs and sliders are for you to use, train your ears, check up different values, you notice subtle differences at first but with time everything will come to clarity, work at these treble, bass and mid levels extensively but do not forget about the loudness levels, everything is important so try not to forget and not be afraid of the values and equalizers.

dj mistakesAll the instruments you know and you would like to use require proper tuning, the same goes for melodies, synth and bass loops you are using in your tracks and mixes, it is a plague people most of the time don’t know what are they doing, learn more about music theory, proper tuning and playing in key, that’s the way to go and every DJ should follow this rule as a example for others. Your sounds and instruments needs to match the melody you’ve created that is simple as that. The last thing is concentrating on getting more toys and music making devices then on actual skill gaining and experience with the things you already have, things don’t play on their own therefore you can buy new stuff but at least try to work with them before going on for another purchase. That’s everything for today hope you all liked the article visit our shop with mixtools and sample packs every other day.