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Sound effects wave visualisation image

Where to find the best sound effects (SFX) in 2023

Sound effects are important part not only for music production but also for making videos, movies and games. Often called SFX, various sounds are in demand for music producers,...
Music production computer in a studio

How to choose a music production computer

Music production computer is the center of your audio universe. Whether you want to start making music or to change your current music hardware setup you need to consider...
recording console photo

How to master recordings? Working with sound frequencies

The instruments and voice recordings are not always in best possible quality. Today I will explain to you how to work with sound frequencies in your mixes. And how...

Recording Guitar / What should you know before starting !

  Recording guitar Recording guitar or any other particular instruments requires different rules, no matter if we’re talking about recording in a professional studio or an amateurish workshop. Each instrument demands individual...
studio life

Mixdown and Workflow Tips for Music Producers Part I

Introduction to our guide Today we want to pick up the story of technical aspects of music producing to be precise bedroom producing. We all list up great tricks and...
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The Restrictions of Audio Sounds / Different examples

Today we will talk about a bit different matter when it comes to audio sounds music production and playing music in actual physical space, so not at your office, home...

Music Trackers – Great Tricks and Tips for DJ's

Music Trackers! Today I am going to describe how to create and develop music sound using music trackers. Trackers were described in the previous article and now it is...

Studio Monitors | Getting experienced in monitoring sound

Newly established producers and DJ's are often overlooking pretty good gear that are crucial in music industry. Today we will be talking about studio monitors. Monitoring sound is very important...

Selling used DJ Gear for a better price Little Guide

When you are about to sell DJ Gear, it is recommended to set up some realistic goals for the transaction you will face. That's why you should know your expectations...

Mixing: The short definition of being a DJ

Who is do we call 'a DJ' Before starting to learn How to be a great DJ, most people just listen to electronic music and try to find out How...




Sample packs in ableton

What is a Sample Pack? Definition and Complete Guide

Sample packs are collections of audio samples and loops that music producers can use in their own productions. Producers commonly load these sounds into...
Best EDM software for producers

The Best EDM Software in 2023 for Music Production

The EDM scene has experienced a surge in popularity over the past decade. As such, music software tailored specifically to this genre has seen...
Top 10 best vst Instruments for music production

TOP 10 Best Synth VST plugins [The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide] in 2023

Our pick for best synth VSTs in 2023: Spire Native Instruments FM 8 U-he Diva Reactor 6 Kontakt Omnisphere 2 Nexus 4 Sylenth1 NI Massive Xfer Serum Spire Spire possesses lots of great presets, and sounds...