Here is the list of our Featured Partners. Everyone listed here is a friend of Lucidsamples. Feel free to visit their websites!

Digital Audio Workstation developers

PreSonus® is one of the DAW market leading software developers. Their StudioOne® is build by musicians for musicians. PreSonus is also designing and producing audio hardware.

Acoustica® company from Yosemite, US stands behind the development of Mixcraft® workstation. Its simplicity combined with great amount of features makes the software really powerful music creation tool.

Bitwig® is developing one of the youngest DAW programs. Despite its age, the software is at least as good as its older brothers and sisters.

Formed in 1994, Propellerhead® is the company that develops Reason® software. The most amazing thing about this workstation is the ability to become a virtual instrument controlled by other DAW software.

Formerly known as Cool Edit®, Adobe Audition® is a great tool for audio recording and postproduction for radio broadcast, adding a soundtrack to video and many more. Audition is a part of Adobe CC Suite.

Mulab® is the lightest and the most portable from major DAW programs. Developed by Mutools® company is a powerful software capable of creating music on almost every computer.

Planet H is the developer of probably the best DAW mobile app on the world. G-Stomper is powerful music making software which you can carry in your pocket!

International School for DJs

It is the place which every DJ should know. The most recognizable and the most honoured school for the DJs and music producers. Point Blank has classes in London, Los Angeles, Ibiza and also online courses for the rest of the World. They also

They have been writing about us!

KVR Audio is one of the biggest online audio portals. A place where audio specialists meet, exchange their experience and read about new hardware and software releases.

A worldwide collaborative platform

Thanks to you are able to collaborate with other musicians and producers around the World. You can exchange projects and ideas without limits or borders.