How The Music Industry Will Look In 2020?

Our world is changing and progressing rapidly, and the music industry is not an exception. We are living in a digital era, and in less than a few decades...

DJ Habits / Music Producer / What should you stop doing right now !

DJ Habits, this type of problem will be attached to anyone who is learning full on his own, without any kind of school, or expertise level got from professionals....

The Art of Intro and Outro in Music Production

Every good music producer or a professional songwriter with extra experience will tell you the truth, a good song must have a really steady start and mind blowing ending...
DJ feedback

DJ Feedback | How to ask for help what should you Avoid!

DJ Feedback | Introduction We live in times when DJ communities are huge factor when it comes to giving DJ feedback. Younger performers try to emulate and learn from the...

Rocking Them Mixtapes: Modern DJ's still need them!

Modern world DJ'ing require constant changes, new techniques are applied to DJ community, in order to produce/spawn new ideas for mixes and performances, this clearly brings dawn to old...

EDM Electronic Music Enchances Your Brain Cognitive Functions.

Found out a great article by Lizzie Renck on how EDM enchances our brain. Music always had somewhat an impact on how we do feel, behave and more. But...

Astonishing 3 pieces of advice for DJ's who aspire to get big!

Hello fellow DJ's, producers and performers! Today I would like to come with simple advices which in many cases are forgotten and these are easy but important factors when...

Finding out when to play your tracks and mixes live.

"A good DJ is always looking at the crowd" The perfect time to come up with mix and track playing pattern is shortly after you've learn how to beat match...

DJ Equipment Basic Guide for Beginners

We're here today to bring up some basic advice for beginning DJ's, we will discuss basic equipment, some techniques, and picking suitable pieces of tech to start your ultimate... partners with Lucid Samples, New Quality is born.

We are proud to inform our readers and fans, that Lucid Samples officialy is taking part in cooperation with Blend is an amazing platform for music producers and DJ's...




Sample packs in ableton

What is a Sample Pack? Definition and Complete Guide

Sample pack is a collection of audio samples and loops that music producers can use in their own productions. Producers commonly load these sounds...
Best EDM software for producers

The Best EDM Software in 2023 for Music Production

The EDM scene has experienced a surge in popularity over the past decade. As such, music software tailored specifically to this genre has seen...
Top 10 best vst Instruments for music production

TOP 10 Best Synth VST plugins [The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide] in 2023

Our pick for best synth VSTs in 2023: Spire Native Instruments FM 8 U-he Diva Reactor 6 Kontakt Omnisphere 2 Nexus 4 Sylenth1 NI Massive Xfer Serum Spire Spire possesses lots of great presets, and sounds...