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Top Club Drums 2022 Edition

Top Club Drums 2022 Edition

- 5000+ samples
- 3500+ drum samples
- About 1400 drum loops
- Loops BPM: 125-140
- Free Lifetime Updates
- Size: 1,87 GB unzipped
- Wav or Aiff Format
- 16bit-24bit / 44.1 kHz

Top Club Drums 2022 Edition is 10 years of our work and development of this project. This huge collection was created from a combination of selected drum samples from two older, extensive collections...

Minimal Heaven Vol. 1

Minimal Heaven Vol. 1

- 2235 Samples for Minimal
- 25 Construction Drum Beats
- Drums, Drumsounds, Drum Loops
- Synth Loops
- Size: 883 MB
- Available Formats: WAV, AIFF

African House Beats

African House Beats

- 153 African House Drum Loops
- 153 Rex2 Drum Loops
- 202 Drum Hit samples
- Tempo of Loops: 126 bpm and 128 bpm
- Formats: WAV / AIFF, REX2

Hardstyle Kicks

Hardstyle Kicks

- 250 Hard Kick Samples
- 53 Bounce Kicks
- 98 Distorted Kicks
- 22 Extreme Kicks
- 41 Filtered Kicks
- 36 Hard Kicks
- Formats: WAV, AIFF

Percussion XXL Pack

Percussion XXL Pack

- 5000 percussion samples from around the world
- acoustic and electronic sounds
- Size: 1,03 Gb after unpacking
- Format: WAV

Classic Hip-Hop Drums

Classic Hip-Hop Drums

- 4000 Drum Samples
- Kicks, Claps, Snares, Cymbals, Percussion sounds
- Suitable for Hip Hop, Trap, Pop, Dub etc.
- Producer: Frose
- Format: Wav



- 4354 Synth Drums
- Boss BR-900 Drumsounds
- Korg KPR-77 Drumsounds
- Original and mastered versions
- Size: 450 MB
- Wav samples

Ultra Kicks Vol.1

Ultra Kicks Vol.1

- 121 Modern Club Kick Samples
- Designed for a dance floor groove!
- Using in Electro, Techno, House,
Electro Pop strongly recommended
- Available Formats: WAV, AIFF

We'd like to present you a new sample pack containing 121 powerful kick samples. They were designed to make any dancefloor groove like crazy. If you look for something with a...

Ultra Kicks Vol. 2

Ultra Kicks Vol. 2

- 92 Clubhouse Kicks
- 43 Hard Kicks
- 37 Special Kicks
- 28 Synth Kicks
- 32 Wet Kicks
- 46 Wav & Rex2 Loops
- Size: 48 MB (unzipped)
- Available Formats: WAV, AIFF


We are happy to present another club kick samples which we created to support mainly club-dance music producers. If you seek for a bass drums which have a powerful...

Frose Instrumental Beats...

Frose Instrumental Beats Vol. 2

- 10 instrumental beats
- 21 multi-sampled instruments
- 336 drum samples
- Scratches
- 1,07 GB of uncompressed content
- Available Formats: WAV, AIFF (+Gigs)

Here are 10 new instrumental hip hop beats right from the Frose. Every beat is divided into individual tracks which can be easily modified and mixed together...


Drum Samples - Sample Packs

Are you ready to make huge beats and tracks which are going to be played and used everywhere around the world. If so, then take your time and select through amazing collection of drum samples which can be handy in process of making your career as a DJ.
Check out our intense drum samples used by professional DJ's and producers in many commercial and underground music productions. Now you can have sample packs including thousands of percussion and drum sounds, thanks to them you'll have the chance to come into the world of music production. The selection of samples if very impressive, which gives you many opportunities to outwit and outsmart other DJ's forcing their way at the top. More tools means more work, since that's the case, you will have full schedule reserved only for producing mind blowing tracks and beats which is what every producer and DJ wants the most.