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DJ sound effects for music production, ale the newest solutions for utilisation of sound effects for music producers and DJ’s

recording console photo

How to master recordings? Working with sound frequencies

The instruments and voice recordings are not always in best possible quality. Today I will explain to you how to work with sound frequencies in your mixes. And how...
dj gig crowd

Five tips for a better DJ mix

It's festive time! Time to put your turntables, controllers, cds, your music and your skills to the test. How to make a great Dj mix? How to appeal your...

EDM Synths | What should you look up to ? | Tips and Tricks

The Intro While being a DJ or Music Producer in 21 century is not a big deal and basically many people get into it relatively with ease in a hobby...

For all the New Years Eve DJ's preparing sets and mixes

New Years Eve, is coming tomorrow, since most people will just prepare a small party or simple go out for a fancy dinner and have a great time. Well...
DJ feedback

DJ Feedback | How to ask for help what should you Avoid!

DJ Feedback | Introduction We live in times when DJ communities are huge factor when it comes to giving DJ feedback. Younger performers try to emulate and learn from the...

Must Have DJ Skills for DJ'ing in any possible place and time

Despite all the things people are saying about DJ skills and techniques - that this job is easy and everybody can do it in a matter of minutes -...




Music producer collaborat in studio

Music Producer Collaboration in 2024: An In-Depth Guide

Music producer collaboration is an important tool in both musicianship and audience growth. In general, it’s the process of working on a musical project...
How to become EDM DJ

How to Become an EDM DJ: The Ultimate Guide and Blueprint to Start...

The Speakers roaring with booming bass and scintillating synths. Strobes flashing wildly in unison with the rhythm. Arms raised to the sky as thousands...
Sample packs in ableton

What is a Sample Pack? Definition and Complete Guide

Sample pack is a collection of audio samples and loops that music producers can use in their own productions. Producers commonly load these sounds...