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FL studio tips and tricks

We are talking here about one of the most important programs for music production, FL studio, secrets, tricks and tips

Drum Breaks and Sampling Hip Hop Production Guide Mixing

Keeping the Hip Hop Productions at Top Level Sampling is really important when it comes to hip hop culture and music beat making. It has always been a delicate matter,...

The Things DJ's are enjoying the most through their career.

There are many things that will divide DJ's and producers all around the world and this includes obvious things like genres. Many DJs significantly will cite 'electronic dance music'...




Music producer collaborat in studio

Music Producer Collaboration in 2024: An In-Depth Guide

Music producer collaboration is an important tool in both musicianship and audience growth. In general, it’s the process of working on a musical project...
How to become EDM DJ

How to Become an EDM DJ: The Ultimate Guide and Blueprint to Start...

The Speakers roaring with booming bass and scintillating synths. Strobes flashing wildly in unison with the rhythm. Arms raised to the sky as thousands...
Sample packs in ableton

What is a Sample Pack? Definition and Complete Guide

Sample pack is a collection of audio samples and loops that music producers can use in their own productions. Producers commonly load these sounds...