Sound effects in studio
Sound effects are very useful in every studio

Sound effects are very helpful if you want to create a multimedia materials. They come in handy whenever you create videos, movies, animations, films, or podcasts. Sound effects packs are also usable for games, presentations or marketing materials. And of course we don’t forget about DJ sound effects which can elevate any DJ performance.

How to use sound to emphasize your content

People tend to use all their senses for content perception. The more senses are involved, the more focus and engagement you receive.

Sound effects in movies

Sound effects in movies carry the mood. Thanks to appropriate sounds you can create a whole new level of experience for the spectators. Since early ’30 of XX century each major Hollywood movie has been produced with sound. The same goes for less professional movies and videos.

You can’t imagine a video without sound in present times. Along with background music and dialogues sound effects are key players here. They help bringing the shown world to life. In addition to live records many background sounds are added by editor later. Such things as closing doors, sounds of crowded street and every others are recorded in studio. If you don’t have access to studio you can take advantage of using ready sound effects. If you are creating a commercial video materials be sure to get Royalty Free SFX samples.

Sound effects in movies are also part of the narration. You can easily control the mood by manipulating them.

Good sounding game leaves you speechless

The same as for the movies, applies to games even more. It is needless to say that a character walking in the village in search for the next quest must produce footsteps. Not to mention other sounds.

If you create games you also need sounds.

Adding sounds to presentations

To enrich the visual side of your teaching material you can use sounds in presentations. By adding discreet sounds between slides you can create an overall feel of order. This way you can implement a structure similar to chapters in books.

It is very important however to choose proper SFX (sound effects) for presenting your content. They cannot distract the audience, should be kept at a reasonable level and cannot attract attention. You should use simple and short sounds like silent clicks or sounds of paper. Avoid instrumental sounds, chimes or other unnatural effects that are not present in everyday office life. Imagine loud explosions marking each slide in your presentation about your progress in planning budget for the next year in a big company…

The speech of computer

Computers, mobiles, phones, tablets and other devices communicate us many information. Part of them is written, many of them are graphic (for example you can see a little microphone carving on your laptop cover near the mic itself). There is also a long list of sounds which just give you a quick information: “my battery is full” or “you have a new message”.

Great examples of such sounds you can experience in modern mobile devices. A sound of unlock, short message “ding” or chopsticks “click” ensures you that everything is working fine or you are going for a date in the evening. The most important part of creating sound effects to communicate with you is keeping them sound similar across many different speakers: from cell phones and laptops right to 5.1 surround systems.

How to create engaging podcast

Podcasting is all about speech or playing music. It is only half of the truth. The other half is about building the recognition of you as a podcaster and again, creating engaging and interesting content which keeps your listeners with you.

Adding a jingle is an ancient idea cultivated even present. Create your own jingle. It is like your sound logo, your trademark. Be also creative about adding accents to what you say. But don’t overdo it. Too many sounds will cover what are actually saying.

DJ sound effects

Another ancient tradition is for DJs to use sound effects. We have been covering this topic several times. Read more about sound effects.

Sound effects in marketing and advertising

Many companies use sounds as a part of the brand identification. Do your remember a sound (ding – do din do ding!) which is always present when someone mentions Intel processors? That is what I am talking about.

This is the beginning of new articles series about SFX packages. Feel free to check for new texts each two weeks.