808 TR RolandThere are many things that will divide DJ’s and producers all around the world and this includes obvious things like genres. Many DJs significantly will cite ‘electronic dance music‘ as the worst thing that happened to electronic music in the recent years. Nevertheless, the genre is getting more and more popular and it does evolve constantly. What is important for our topic today is what actually brings DJ’s together and what as producers we love almost equally.

The Vinyl Mania

This first that comes in mind when you think about what does the DJ love the most, would be definitely vinyl culture and the smell of vinyl in general. What is so exciting about the newly released and bought vinyl? I’d say there is nothing like that, the physical experience of getting a new copy of a great record on a black vinyl, which you cannot compare to purchasing a new mp3 or any audio files. For that matter, purchasing a vinyl is on another level and with the comeback of vinyl culture we can clearly say that all DJs love black round discs despite working on different musical field.

Roland and Technics Hardware

808 drum kit is a legendary drum sampler that established many great artists, period. It is an exemplary unique piece of equipment that was used to create the most recognisable drum patterns and beat in hip-hop culture and many other genres. There is no way in hell someone wouldn’t love the Roland Drum Sampler with this recognition throughout the history or music making in general. The same goes with turntables from Technics – both pieces of tech are beloved in the DJ community and Producer Den’s and even if you are starting right now, there is no way you will not be familiar with the turntables since the legendary 1200’s had been renewed and they are really great.