Found out a great article by Lizzie Renck on how EDM enchances our brain. Music always had somewhat an impact on how we do feel, behave and more. But now Carol. A Smith and Larry W. Morris of Middle Tennessee State University had researched that EDM music or anykind of non-lyrical electronic music has positive influence on our cognitive functions of brain. What is interesting for me, its how lyrics in songs work for our brain. Lyrics are many times very important when it comes to composition of a track, but whan it matters for concentration it actually has the opposite effect, lyrics are distracting our cognitive functions. The studies have shown that students are performing a lot better when listening to serene music like EDM or little bit of dubstep. I suggest reading the whole article at the source, just like always. How are things for you ? Do you Enjoy more electronic music while studying or something else containing lyrics. Give us your thoughts !


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