When you are about to sell DJ Gear, it is recommended to set up some realistic goals for the transaction you will face. That’s why you should know your expectations and set up correctly features such as price, which is surely very important. You can look up on services like Amazon.com to find an examples of prices of the products you want to sell and set up your goal for the money acordingly. The high price might be causing people being not interested in the DJ gear you are listing. You might lose good amount of time listing it again and again. If you put too small price, people might think the equipment could be broken in some secret way or you might simply lose a lot of money lowering the value of the DJ equipment. It might be a good idea on paper but in reality it will harm you.

Ideas for setting up higher price on DJ Gear

  • Making a good description of the DJ gear might be an excellent idea. Very informative, in depth form of describing – that’s the way to follow, if you want to get the clients attention. People want to know everything about the item, especially if it’s a high-tech item like gear for music production , loops and samples. Every parameter is important and if you can take an advantage of all the small things it can achieve, by all means, do it. You will get more money out of it and sell it even quicker.
  • Try to list up special things, unusual for the item. Does it have custom tweaks, skins, knobs? Do you have all the nescessary things such as manual, emergency packaging, receipt – if the gear is still viable to make a complaint at the store?
  • If the equipment has any damages, little scratches try to write about it with details. Take a few good photos with a light background which will help to show the equipment in a positive and possibly the best manner way. Description is very important but photos are even more crucial, so try to make possibly the best. If you have a friend with high quality camera and a bit of knowledge, let them take a pictures. Everything matters when it comes to good presentation, therefore try your best!