Hello fellow DJ’s, producers and performers! Today I would like to come with simple advices which in many cases are forgotten and these are easy but important factors when you are aiming to become a stand up DJ in the community connected with the genre you are established at. Since Dj’ing is getting more and more popular these days, every person, child with a laptop is capable of learning how to make music and perform, internet is giving them the possibilities, knowledge and many more. So if you are aiming a bit higher and want to achieve higher ranks in the community and have actual succes I’d recommend helding up for a second and reading these easy steps to make yourself better.
First up practice hard and every possible, available day, it is obvious but people forget that Dj’ing is like any other ability, i must be practiced to be mastered, the more time you will save up for practicing your skills the best you will actually get. Everyday make a fast set up and pretend you are actually performing for an audience, make every possible preparation as you would for and actual gig, and play for an hour or two, see if you are satified with the result and do it again everyday you can. It will build up your confidence your morale and of course skill level. Next stop is actual performing which is crucial, if you get to practice everyday you can show up and book for yourself an actual gig and that is your next goal, all this practicing cannot go to drain and you have to make sure that you can make it through live performance, im sure some will get that gig a lot soon but if you want it you will get it, don’t get picky and try to catch the chance if you can, there is no other way to learn how to read the dancefloor by live performance nothing will give you even close experience then this and that is saint. Last stop is the least compelling for me personally, but you have to make yourself a name on the internet, playing live near your hometown isnt going to be enough for the long road, to deal with that you have to have online presence as a DJ in the community, side up with some other DJ’s be active on forums, get your mixes up and running at competitions and social media, this should be enough for the starters, it will give you a name and possibly opportunities for gigs and performances in the future. Well guys that’s a wrap hope you enjoyed our weekly short tips news article and you are struggling for more. Keep up the good work guys and have a nice day!