Samples and loops Can be difficult to find! So where where to find samples for music on internet? Ensuring a good quality of music & samples and loops is connected to many factors. Our work can be rendered pointless because of one little thing which has destroyed the end effect. On the one hand is an advanced, suited program, and on the other are all the additions used in composition. To get a nice effect, you have to think about every single part of your work. That’s why good quality of samples and loops is indispensable.

Hello. I would like to ask where is the best place to get loops and samples, which could be used commercially in different projects? I mean – PC games or animations. I want to create an animation and I need some sounds (breaking glass, impacts, rustlings and so on). I work with music – mixing, re-mastering etc. but I can’t create everything. I want to know a place where I can find legal samples and loops to use in projects.”

websites for music samplesSampling is using a recording (sample) already finished as an element of new composition. They can be natural or artificial. There are many different applications of samples, for example: imitating the sound of instruments, synthesis based on an oscillators tone, getting new effects and combinations impossible to create in a different way. No matter what role it will play in your work, there are a few things which you have to pay attention to before buying samples and loops.

Firstly, check which format is required for your DAW. It can sound silly, but in fact it is a basic problem. If you are beginner and you don’t have a program, you should thing about the program beforehand. Each DAW demands something else, so don’t ignore it and don’t make it too fast. On the Internet you can find every needed format and files are always available for different programs. This is certain for paid samples and sometimes also accessible in free samples and audio loops.

Secondly, how important is the quality of your work? You need to remember that one investment can be rewarding, but if you don’t feel that it will be useful in future, there is no need to overpay. I don’t suggest any solution, but if you want to become a professional music creator there is only one way for you. When you buy it, check the possibilities and choices – compare the product and consider what is available, how high the price is, and look for some opinions on different forums.

When I was looking for samples and loops, I couldn’t make any decisions. In the beginning, I thought that it was possible to make everything legally and without paying…and I was wrong. Not only were the legal sources low quality, the rest wasn’t good too. I wanted to get better quality and I found that this was my problem – my samples and loops didn’t work as well as I needed. I had some friends who were  music producers and I asked them for advice. They show me different options, online shops etc, and I read many articles and opinions.

Picking the correct manufacturer

I decided to buy them from

The website is quite easy and intuitive. I’m really satisfied and I don’t think that I want to retake the risk of searching and buying the wrong samples. The quality is excellent! I found this website very easy to use and I could find what I wanted very fast. The menu is classified according to types, styles of music samples and also formats. All packs are described and everything is visible at first sight. offers many different paid samples and loops, but here you can also find a lot of samples for free. Free samples unfortunately are available only for non-commercials purposes, but this is a good option if you want to check the quality of samples. Paid samples you can use for commercial purposes. The prices are very good for the quality of the samples.

The work of music producers and DJs is very individual. Everyone has a personal way to express his idea for music. Your alone decide what you want to create, what you use and which tools suit you best. The world of music production is quite closed and only the tougher characters are able to prove that their work is valuable. If you aren’t self-confident enough then all the techniques will let you down. What’s more music producers and DJs are responsible for many different tasks. They need to have a wide, continually updated knowledge about the new possibilities of tools, composition structure, rhythm, beat-matching, etc. They also have to recognize the public’s mood and adjust for it. All of these activities are carried out by one person – this is one of the best feelings in this profession.