Who is do we call ‘a DJ’

Before starting to learn How to be a great DJ, most people just listen to electronic music and try to find out How everything is sounding so simple on paper, how everything blends so perfectly. You start to ask yourself questions about, skills what do you require to be a great DJ / music producer, how is it possible to heat up continuously the dance floor, well we are here to answer and it is really simple – mixing. First of all why not just play the song one after another with short stems of silence, well the actual problem with that is people will quickly realize that they are actually getting tired and will try to get back as soon as possible to their drinks. That’s the problem, and track transition helps you to deal with it pretty much without problem, the proper mixing skills require perfect blend transitions no silence present. People do not realize one song comes to an end and another takes part therefore the dance floor is keeping the heat till it is burned. Only real pro DJ’s are so good that they make the transition one hundred percent unnoticeable, but you can learn it really fast all it comes to it’s the practice, beatmatching will help you to become mix blending beast. Get through the initial difficulties and observe how real DJ’s make their routine work flawlessly.