Today is guest is CATVLYST –  young soundcloud producer from Florida , this guy has his own unique style.

Hi Reed,so how did you start to make music?

Hi,Interestingly enough, I started out producing dubstep in high school when I friend of mine introduced me to a couple artists such as Caspa and Rusko. I hadn’t listened to too much electronic music before that and became really intrigued by bass music in particular. I didn’t transition to hip hop/trap production until after going to Pitchfork Festival in 2013, where I saw TNGHT, Ryan Hemsworth and Rustie put on crazy sets. From there I caught the 2014 Soundcloud wave, where artists such as Traid$, Cight, KLNV (now Night Lovell), and Agile inspired me to get into really ambient production.

What genre of music do you listen to on a daily basis?

These days I’m always listening to emo rap, bringing out the middle schooler in me. Lil Peep was a major influence in my production in the last year with the pop punk guitar samples. It still gets to me that he’s no longer with us.

Tell us more about your hobbies, I have noticed that you like skateboarding.

Besides producing and skateboarding, I like anything that gives me a sense of adventure. One day I’d like to get my private pilots license, and go skydiving. In my downtime I like to research topics that interest me, whatever they might be at the time. Lately I’ve been getting into investing.

Who are the people who have had the greatest impact on your life? 

Definitely my Mom, who’s always been supportive of what I choose to do in life. Lil Peep also inspired me a lot to continue doing what I’m doing.

Let’s talk about beatmaking. Who is your favourite producer?

When I first started out I would definitely say Cight, who unfortunately quit producing a while ago. Currently that’s kind of hard to say because there are so many people in the scene right now, and it’s become kind of oversaturated. One of the most talented guys I’ve seen lately would probably be Tsuruda.

What is your DAW?

I use a less common DAW called Propellorheads Reason. It’s really good for sound design but the workflow can be tough sometimes.

Have u ever used your vocal in tracks?

I have one vocal track up currently called “Your Lullaby:”

I put another one out shortly after it but it didn’t seem to do as well so I took it down.

What is your main dream / goal in life?

I’d like to see as much of the world as I can, and make a positive impact on people through my music and writing. Having the ability to travel and do what I’m passionate about would be a dream come true to me.

That’s a great goal mate. And the last question what can you advise to people who have started making music and want to achieve serious results?

I would definitely say becoming as engaged in the music community as possible. Don’t be scared to reach out to artists who are big influences and tell them how they’ve affected you. Always have the mindset to learn more about your craft. Network yourself once you’ve started to put out quality content, but be careful not to spam.

Thanks for having me. Be sure to be on the lookout for an EP soon!


Thank you Reed.