music producing

Lucid Samples has been giving helpful advices to DJs through many previous articles and guides. Today let’s focus on music producing and aspects making your life as one much easier, pleasant and fruitful. Spending time making new efforts as a producer is actually the best way to improve naturally. Since many of us, music producing maniacs, may not have as much time as in the past, we must find way to further improve in a more efficient way. We’ve prepared couple of guidelines and activity point-ups to give you the ways of improving without spending all your free time in life.

Music Producing requires buffing up the production libraries

music producingFirst and the most important things which will speed up your work – but not only! It will make all the processes of preparing and finishing your tracks a dozen times faster. Also, it is a future investment which will give you a lot more opportunities – I can tell you that for sure. Try to diverse your production tools and sample libraries, take note of new trends, because maybe your tools are a bit obsolete and it’s time to fill up the equipment with new drum samples, female vocal samples or even construction kits to make the whole process of making music a lot faster and comfortable. Trust me, a lot of producers find out about these and they cannot simply not use them right now – sounds great if you ask me. If you are looking for modern sample packs, then no more say and I invite you to browse through our sample libraries perfect for music producing.

Ideas, bright ideas

Important thing! Sometimes you don’t feel creative at all, therefore you need to have some kind of policy and backup for those times. My idea for this problem is to create an ideas folder for the future. Sometimes you may work on a nice sounding loop(soul loops), but it seems not to get finished. Then, the perfect place for this loop is this folder, because somewhere in the time and future, you might find a use for it and that’s what will make you happy in the long run. Next thing oriented around ideas is brainstorming. As the past had showed, people are searching techniques to go forward with their creativity. Brainstorming is one of these more efficient ones, because it out values quality over quantity, leaving you with multiple choices and possibilities, as a result of hard thinking in a very short time span. Use it wisely and I’m sure you will get what you need pretty fast and with very good results.

Part two of this article will come soon, so stay tuned! Music producing for life!