From time to time it’s good to remind some staple guide for music making freaks! Some of you have already known these tips, but forgot their ways, and some of the new producers aren’t aware of these by all means.

Bundling your VST instruments into correct categories

There are limits for a single producer to handle efficiently tracks on the mixer, having four or five is actually enough. You definitely are aiming for that number, since you want to have good workflow in your digital audio workstation. Therefore, go for bundle of couple instruments per track which will compliment your track and work in general. Use solo track for solo efforts, when you know this is actually the only way to make things work because the melody is very complex.

Excitement over boredom DJ GUIDE

Try to focus on part of your track that will stand out and you are certain of that. If you are to make a really basic drum loop pattern and fill it with generic bass fills, for instance, go and work on synths, melodies and vocal acapella samples which will make the track stand out. Actually, you can’t have anything in your track really high complex, but you can make it diverse and innovative.

Try not to overburden yourself!

Be prepared when going live, and I do not mean the whole stage preparing, equipment check or more, but I’m aiming here for your psychological stance on how do you perform and how do you view the actual performance. Do not do things just to make yourself look like you are actually doing something behind the console. If you are doing something while playing live: have purpose behind that. Don’t let making meaningless things distract you from the real performance and the important stuff. Schedule everything, think while playing and flicking stuff at the console, measure your actions and be a real DJ – not a fake loser. Always have this in mind and your work flow will be top-notch.