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Today we will talk about a bit different matter when it comes to audio sounds music production and playing music in actual physical space, so not at your office, home studio or bedroom. As we all know, creating music in digital work station has nothing to do with making music in real space, but to be frank, there will be time when you will have to step up and bring your music to real physical space in order for people to listen to it live. The laws change there dramatically, so we will discuss couple of examples of how natural environment works for music, how to avoid common mistakes and get ready for live acts of any kind.

Audio Sounds Mono channels

Check out and mix the track to work properly in mono channel mode, since the clubs and bars, where you might rock will be forced to play that way, so if you do not want to regret missing basslines in your great tracks – be sure to work at this part and tweak it down in order to make it work correctly in this sort of situation, because you never know what might happen. Better to be sure, than sorry later.

Stereo channel

audio soundsWorking on even stereo channel setting is also a crucial factor, which should be put into work as soon as possible. If you are listening in home studio and working on some sick stereo mixes you need to think about how the arrangement will work in a large scale festival or a scene during open air performance, where audio speakers can be separated by a quite big distance. The crowd might not hear the things you planned in the track simply because of poor setup of the performance or building for instance, and it is not an uncommon situation. Just remember to pan out percussions, drums, and basslines as clear and centre as possible.

The Bass

We all want that clear and deep sounding bass. It really is pleasing and all the crowds love it, but every producer and DJ should know that there are some limitations and not everything will sound good in open space. That’s why it is important to stay clear from extreme examples of heavy or deep bass otherwise it might ruin the whole performance, despite the track sounding very good in studio. These are a couple of examples of what should you look closer to when working on audio sounds in physical space/open world.