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Cut Sax Party

Cut Sax Party

- 256 Saxophone Loops
- 679 One Shot Sax Samples
- 100 useful bonus sounds
- 322 REX2 Loops
- Utility in House, Electro, Oldskool, EDM
- 1,33 GB of uncompressed content!
- Formats: 24-bit WAV, REX2 Loops

    Andy Sax House Hooks

    Andy Sax House Hooks

    - 3 different moods/feels
    - Miami Hooks 126 BPM
    - On The Floor Sax Hooks 129 BPM
    - Soho Sax Hooks 126 BPM
    - Keys & BPM’s for tracks
    - Size: 170 MB (unzipped)
    - 24 bit WAV, Apple Loops & Rex2 format

      Saxophone samples

      When it comes to choosing saxophone samples, quality is key. Lucid Samples is dedicated to providing only the best samples, recorded using professional equipment and techniques. This ensures that you get the best sound possible, without any unwanted noise or interference.

      Key Features of Lucid Samples Saxophone Samples

      Another important feature of saxophone samples is the variety of sounds included in each pack. Whether you're looking for smooth saxophone loops or soulful saxophone sound packs, Lucid Samples has you covered. With a range of different sounds to choose from, you can find the perfect sample to suit your production needs.

      Using saxophone sounds from Lucid Samples offers a range of benefits, from the convenience of having a wide selection of saxophone sample packs available, to the affordability of purchasing packs instead of purchasing a saxophone and spending hours practicing.

      The Benefits of Using Saxophone Loops

      Another benefit is the compatibility with a variety of music production software. All samples are available in a range of file formats, such as WAV or MP3, ensuring that they can be used with the DAW software you already have.

      Finally, with Lucid Samples, you can be sure that you are getting the best quality saxophone samples available. Each sample pack is created with care, ensuring that you get the best sound possible. So why wait? Start exploring the world of Lucid Samples sax samples today and bring the soulful sound of the saxophone to your music productions!


      In conclusion, Lucid Samples is the ultimate source for saxophone sample packs. With high-quality samples, a wide selection of saxophone sounds, and compatibility with a range of music production software, Lucid Samples offers everything you need to bring the sound of the saxophone to your productions. So why not start exploring the collection today and see how Lucid Samples can elevate your productions to new heights!