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Short summary
- 1333 Industrial Techno Samples
- Rare and Original Sounds
- Wide range of quality samples
- Size: 2 GB
- Available Formats: WAV, AIFF (24Bit)

95 bpm Industrial Techno Pack is a collection of very rare and special industrial techno samples and loops. The product is the fruit of Lucid's great effort and inspiration put into his own...

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  • About 95 BPM Industrial Techno Pack

    95 bpm Industrial Techno Pack is a collection of very rare and special industrial techno samples and loops. The product is the fruit of Lucid's great effort and inspiration put into his own industrial projects, and its presence is marked by the artistic approach and a feeling of 'movement' in the music. These samples are a blend of originality, charisma and utmost quality. There is no doubt that they are one of the most accomplished and best-sounding products we offer.


    This sample pack enables you to create complete techno, industrial, industrial electro (and other) tunes. We prepared some ready-made drum loops, bass lines, synthetic lines, powerful drum sounds, backgrounds and sound effects so that you can create multi-layered pieces of music exclusively by means of this bulky sample library. And this is not over yet! The bass and synth lines exist in a number of different versions and some of them are the ones sampled from a variety of instruments. Thanks to this you can develop your music freely and flexibly by adding ever more new layers. Now your music will gain some depth and satisfactory effects. Drum loops come in versions of different advancement level as well! Only think – this isn't yet all we offer you. Cap it all off, you are provided with a variety of dark, mysterious and industrial backgrounds, synthetic sounds, ambience sound effects, distorted, shots, sequence, reverse, sweep, kicks and powerful drum sounds; all of this stuff in service of your creativity.


    On the one hand, there are some really hard and mind-boggling industrial sounds, on the other, a couple of slow-paced, charismatic 95 bpm loops. This gives you a suprisingly well-suited blend of power and calm. Additionally, the sample mood is dense with dark, industrial textures and sound effects. I feel you won't lack inspiration, creativity and success with those samples. I recommend you listening to the demo in order for you to experience the possibilities of this pack with your own ears.


    95 bpm Industrial Techno Pack is a rarity among the products on the market, a real sample gem of highest quality. It is the best tool around for creating some really proffesional and interesting stuff from scratch to complete, full-blown music pieces in a convenient and flexible way. The price of the pack is attractively cheap as it is our very first industrial and techno production of this kind.


    - 1333 industrial techno samples
    - 2 GB of audio material after unpacking
    - Rare and original sounds
    - Wide range of samples
    - Serves to create complete music pieces from scratch
    - High quality
    - Available Formats: WAV, AIFF (24Bit)

    Detailed Contents:

    Basslines 95 Bpm [30 samples]
    Drum Loops [525 samples]

    - 90 Distorted
    - 90 Distorted Ambience
    - 100 Hard
    - 100 Hard Ambience
    - 03 Hihats
    - 03 Hihats Ambience
    - 42 Industrial
    - 42 Industrial Ambience
    - 22 Modulated
    - 22 Modulated Ambience
    - 11 Underwater

    Drums [444 samples]

    - 86 Claps
    - 56 Closed Hihats
    - 32 Crash
    - 81 Kicks
    - 56 Open Hihats
    - 52 Rides
    - 81 Snares

    Fx Sounds [202 samples]

    - 35 Ambience
    - 12 Distorted
    - 21 Kick Sounds
    - 17 Reverse
    - 14 Sequence Fx
    - 44 Short Sounds
    - 40 Shots
    - 11 Sweeps
    - 08 Upfilter

    Riffs [16 samples]
    Synth Sounds [39 samples]
    Synthlines 95 Bpm [49 samples]

    Textures [28 samples]

    - 7 Dark Textures
    - 9 Industrial Textures
    - 6 Sequence Textures
    - 6 Sweep Textures

    In total: 1333 Industrial Techno samples !

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