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Complete Trance Vol. 1

Complete Trance Vol. 1

- 20 trance construction kits
- 20 midi files
- 201 drum loops
- 300 trance drums
- 150 fx sounds
- Euphoric trance mood
- Size: 1,35 GB
- Available formats: WAV, AIFF (+Midis)

Complete Trance Vol. 2

Complete Trance Vol. 2

- 10 trance construction kits
- 10 multitrack midi files
- 489 different types of samples
- Energetic, euphoric vibrations
- Size: 1 GB
- Available Formats: WAV, AIFF (+Midis)

Essential Clubkits Vol. 1

Essential Clubkits Vol. 1

- 10 club/ house construction kits
- 10 multi-track midi files
- In addition drum loops, kicks and fx's
- Tempo: 128-135 BPM
- 1,3 GB of uncompressed content!
- Available Formats: WAV, AIFF (24Bit) + Midis

We're proud to finally present to you a fully dance-club collection of construction kit samples. Today the production of modern tracks which are composed...

Complete Trance Vol. 3

Complete Trance Vol. 3

- 10 trance construction kits
- 10 multitrack midi files
- 100 drum loops
- 100 fx sounds
- Size after unpacking: 1,42 GB
- Available Formats: WAV, AIFF (+Midis)

Complete Hands Up Vol. 1

Complete Hands Up Vol. 1

- 10 hands up construction kits
- 40 midi samples + FL projects
- 106 fx sounds
- Size after unpacking: 1,15 GB
- Available Formats: WAV, AIFF (+Midis)

Complete Hands Up Vol. 1 contains 10 extensive construction kits with characteristic for Hands Up music energetic melodies and also synthesized, dance tones...

Hands Up Melodies Vol. 1

Hands Up Melodies Vol. 1

- 106 hands up midi samples
- 230 synth phrases (142 BPM)
- 25 sound effects
- 10 multi sampled synths
- Size after unpacking: 1,4 GB
- Formats: WAV, AIFF, SF2, MIDI

We are glad to present to you an exciting, full of energy and dancing tones new production – Hands Up Melodies Vol. 1...

AX Trap Vol. 1

AX Trap Vol. 1

- 10 trap construction kits
- 10 midi samples
- 92 drum hits
- 32 vox sounds
- Dry/ wet sounds
- Size: 815 MB unzipped
- Formats: WAV, MIDI

AX Dubstep Vol. 1

AX Dubstep Vol. 1

- 10 dubstep construction kits
- 405 wav construction samples
- 156 one shot samples
- 10 midi samples
- Dry/ wet sounds
- Size: 893 MB unzipped content
- Formats: WAV, MIDI

AX Dubstep Vol. 1 contains 10 construction kits to create Dubstep music from light climate to hard one which is on the edge of being overdriven...

Back to 95 Vol. 1

Back to 95 Vol. 1

- 15 Drum Loop Kits
- 15 Keys Construction
- 94 Drums Hits
- 92 One shots
- Tempo: 128 BPM, 130 BPM bonus loops
- Size: 704 MB (unzipped)
- Formats: 24-Bit Wav, Apple Loops, Rex2

Back to 95 Vol. 2

Back to 95 Vol. 2

- 5 Construction Kits
- Drums, synths, instruments, voxes
- Midi samples
- Size: 1,45 GB unzipped
- Formats: 24-Bit Wav, Apple Loops, Rex2, Midi

Back to 95 Vol. 3

Back to 95 Vol. 3

- 21 Bass riffs
- 35 Chord Riffs
- 62 Drum Loops
- 62 Acidized Drum loops
- 28 MIDI samples
- Size: 530 MB unzipped
- Formats: 24-Bit Wav, Apple Loops, Rex2


Midi Samples - Sample Packs

Use ready-made Midi files to create in easier and faster manner the music you always wanted to. Each finished sequence of melody can be customized with the existing music or used to fill a brand new track in a given sequence of midi. Each phrase can be flexibly and freely modify, extend or simplify, create an unlimited number of variations and transitions. Assume today ready for use Midi samples and valuable the knowledge of construction professional musical phrases. It depends on particular Midi sound pack what kind of melody elements You can have. Some of our Midi collection also do have ready WAV samples to help use Midi files in correct way. In the same way like in demos that You can preheat at each product information details site. Other packs do have lot of really useful Midi files and full Wav samples loops, ready made from melodies included in product. If You are searching for melodies for specific genre, look at covers and names of each pack that will help you to choose correct one that can be really interesting. Best sample packs are often also filled with multitrack midi samples....We do have those kind of multi sound packs in our store. In that way You can create full track using only Our samples and midis. As You can see ready professional Midi files, can really help all of You no matter, if You have been doing music for long years or just started. Different genres do have various writing techniques, so that is why look inside wonderful Midi sound packs that we have prepared directly for You