Royalty-free: what does it exactly mean?

Many licenses, many problems

All music played in radio, tv, clubs, distributed across the web or shared in any other way, is being spread under a certain license. The types of licenses are numerous and different. That might be confusing. Some kinds of licenses allow to share everything freely, some require people to pay for listening. Single music producers and disc jockeys, but not only - the whole entertainment industry has some problems how to interpret and use correctly music licensing these days. You don't have to be intellectual property law specialist, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

There is plenty of free sample packs and music production tools across the Internet...

Of course you can choose free sources. But even if you are sure that certain source is legal, the product you get might not meet your expectations. In addiction it is always a good manner to support people who spend their time and energy to provide you with the best they can afford.

I want good quality samples but I don't want to be illegal!

Here is your solution: Royalty-free music is a special type of licensing which requires only one time gratification, which simply means you purchase the product, in our case sample packs, music production tools, you pay only once and you can use it without further payments.

So, royalty-free license is the perfect balance between affordable price and high quality of sound

Now the best part: All of lucidsamples samples are royalty free. That means you support music makers and save your money at the same moment!

See our loalty-free samples here!