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Airmax Pads [Virus Ti...

Airmax Pads [Virus Ti Soundset]

- 128 deep, warm and air pads
- Soundset for Virus Ti synth
- Wonderful, atmospheric mood
- Format: Virus Ti Bank

128 amazing, warm, deep, airy, utopian, fantasy 'pad' sounds is what is featured in this bank of samples for Virus Ti ! It is a thematic soundset, filled to the full with nice presets. A feast for...

    Big Dirty Stinking Bass

    Big Dirty Stinking Bass

    - NI Massive patches
    - 16 Bass patches
    - 16 FX patches
    - 16 Pads patches
    - 16 Synth patches

    ARE YOU READY FOR BIG DIRTY STINKING BASS? A fresh and upfront pack designed to cause complete mayhem on dance floors all over the place. Inject this NI MASSIVE steroid into your productions and prepare to be shell shocked by the immense frequencies within...

      Massive & Sylenth - Dubstep...

      Massive & Sylenth - Dubstep Off the Scale

      - Massive & Sylenth Sound Bank
      - 30 Massive Presets
      - 30 Sylenth1 Presets
      - Basses, Synths, FXs, Pads
      - 4 Dubstep Drum Midi

      MASSIVE & SYLENTH - DUBSTEP 'OFF THE SCALE' contains a combination of NI MASSIVE & SYLENTH1 presets of Bass, Synth, FX & Pads sounds deisgned for the latest Dubstep & Bass music tracks currently dominating...

        UK Bass Massive

        UK Bass Massive

        - 77 NI Massive Patches
        - Bass, Synth, Lead, Fx, Pad
        - Off Key Sounds
        - 12 Bonus Dubstep Drums

        UK BASS MASSIVE: is an exclusive sample pack containing 77 carefully crafted NI Massive patches designed specifially for UK Bass genre music...

          Massive Progressive House...

          Massive Progressive House Tools

          - 34 NI Massive presets
          - 11 Bass presets
          - 4 Fx presets
          - 3 Key presets
          - 11 Lead presets
          - 1 Pad preset
          - 4 Pluck presets

          Massive Progressive House Tools is a fantastic collection of 34 high end presets for Native Instruments Massive Vst-Plugin...

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            This category will provide you will soundsets and banks which will fill up your synthesizer will amazing music production tools. If you are searching for high quality pads with warm, airy, atmospheric sounds you are in the right place, but if you are still not convinced check out the demos and find out what Lucid Samples offers.