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Glitch Sounds Pack

Glitch Sounds

- 375 Glitch Sounds
- 76 Glitch Voices
- 125 Techno Cut Sounds
- A total of 500 cool sounds
- Size: 105 MB
- 24-bit WAV Format

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Android Armageddon

Android Armageddon

- 10 Bent Circuits
- 11 Glitchy
- 19 Scapes
- 17 Short FX
- 18 SpeaknSpoil
- 25 Spoken
- Total: 100 Sounds / 84 MB
- Format: Wav

    Glitch Vocal Mash Up

    Glitch Vocal Mash Up

    - 512 Glitch Vocal Snippets
    - 81 Voice Loops Wav (127 BPM)
    - 81 Voice Loops Rex2 (127 BPM)
    - 161 Voice Reverses
    - Total: 835 Files
    - Size: 651 MB unzipped
    - Formats: 24-bit WAV, REX2

      Cut-Vocals Hardstyle

      Cut-Vocals Hardstyle

      - The Best Cut Hardstyle Vocals Sounds!
      - 500+ Wav Samples
      - 200+ REX2 Loops
      - Great for Hardstyle, EDM, Hands Up, Techno
      - Tempo of Loops: 138-148 BPM
      - 448MB Unzipped Content
      - 24-bit Wav & Rex2 Formats

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      Glitch samples

      As we all know there are people who love more sophisticated genres and Lucid Samples is ready when it comes to that, since then glitch sample packs found their place on our website not to long ago, for all of you mixed tempo and confusing beat and rhythm sequences you will find mostly vocal oriented samples simply because these are the way to go plus they are mostly wanted by professional producers, trust us you won't be disappointed since glitch music is quite refined in many ways our samples will help you with that even further giving it unique feeling with all that glitchiness. Glitch producers gave us the green light and our mixtools are meant to be used for the best and mostly experienced.