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Short summary
- 2000+ Powerful Kicks for Hardcore Techno
- 55 Multi Sampled Kicks
- Extra Synthlines and Fx Sounds
- Fantastic, hard and distorted sounds
- Size: 1 GB after unpacking
- Formats: WAV, AIFF, SF2, SXT

HARDCORE KICKS INVASION is absolutely the largest, the most powerful and the most versatile sample collection of Hardcore Kicks all over the world! This set contains over 2000...

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  • Introduction

    HARDCORE KICKS INVASION is absolutely the largest, the most powerful and the most versatile sample collection of Hardcore Kicks all over the world! This set contains over 2000 (!) powerful, stunning, gloomy and crushing bassdrums, including 55 multisampled kicks, build from the very beginning on the best hardware synthesizers. Both the quantity and the quality are very strong advantages of this pack. Most of the sounds were created using hardware instruments, high quality distortion effects and accordingly set filters to obtain characteristic for hardcore music overdriven tones. Except for the classic hardcore kicks samples, the collection contains atypically sounding bassdrums which successfully give fresh and original flavor to the tracks. Hardcore Kicks Invasion also contains a bit of additional, exceptionally attractive and useful samples – among others: brilliant sound effects quality and powerful lead synth lines which you can hear in the demo. Thanks to these additions you can make your productions more complete.

    We are sure that this huge, high quality and unique sample collection will live up to the expectations of the professional music producers and will facilitate the start for the beginners. We boldly recommend Hardcore Kicks Invasion to all the hard electronic music producers and we wish you many new and impressive productions.


    Hardcore Kicks Invasion contains 55 multi sampled bassdrums in popular for most of soft-samplers formats: SF2, GIG and SXT for Reason users. The sounds were created from the very beginning using top synthesizers like Nord Lead 3 and Virus TI. The sounds were sampled in the interval of a semitone within the range of 1.5 - 2.5 octave. This solution gives innovatively simple possibility to tune bassdrum tone to the melody without any loss in quality. You’ve never heard anything like this before!

    Available Formats

    24-bit Wav + multi samples in soundfont format*
    24-bit Aiff + multi samples in soundfont format*
    24-bit Wav + SXT patches for Reason NN-XT.

    * Soundfont (SF2 files) is popular format for most of soft-samplers, for example Kontakt, MachFive, HALion, Apple EXS24, VSampler and others.

    A certain part of sounds in standard quality of 16-bit were added as a bonus in a separate catalogue.

    The Summary of Hardcore Kicks Invasion

    - The best hardcore kicks sample collection in the world.
    - Sounds created with high quality equipment.
    - Overdriven, stunning, gloomy and extreme sounds.
    - High quality multi samples in SF2 and SXT formats.
    - Additional sound effects, synth lines with brilliant quality.
    - Most of the sounds recorded in 24-bit wav format.
    - Collection recommended to all hard electronic music producers.
    - Attractive, low price.

    The content


    68 Big Kicks
    71 Dark Kicks
    32 Destroyed Kicks
    27 Digital Kicks
    48 Filtered Kicks
    53 Hard Kicks
    32 Noise Kicks
    106 Nord Kicks
    40 Sqeeze Kicks
    47 Warm Kicks

    Bonus Kicks:

    30 Distorted Kicks
    27 Extreme Kicks
    41 Filtered Kicks
    153 Hard Kicks
    32 Offbeat Sounds
    119 Spicy Kicks

    FX Sounds:

    13 Dark Fx
    10 Noise Fx
    24 Offbeat Sounds
    12 Reverbkicks


    11 voice phrases


    48 Melody Synthlines
    25 Sequential Synthlines


    Angry Kick
    Basic Hard Kick 1
    Basic Hard Kick 2
    Basic Hard Kick 3
    Basic Hard Kick 4
    Basic Hard Kick 5
    Basic Hard Kick 6
    Basic Hard Kick 7
    Bleep Kick
    Clicking Kickbass 1
    Clicking Kickbass 2
    Creeping Kick 1
    Creeping Kick 2
    Dirty Kick 1
    Dirty Kick 2
    Dirty Kick 3
    Growling Kick
    Hardcore Kick 1
    Hardcore Kick 2
    Hardcore Kick 3
    Hardcore Kick 4
    Hardcore Kick 5
    Hardcore Kick 6
    Hardcore Kick 7
    Hardcore Kick 8
    Hardcore Kick 9
    Hardcore Kick 10
    Hardcore Kick 11
    Hardcore Kick 12
    Hard-Hitting Kick
    Invasion Kick 1
    Invasion Kick 2
    Invasion Kick 3
    Invasion Kick 4
    Jump Kick
    Mad Kick
    Massive Kick 1
    Massive Kick 2
    No Kick 1
    No Kick 2
    No Kick 3
    Pitch Kick
    Power Kick 1
    Power Kick 2
    Power Kick 3
    Power Kick 4
    Power Kick 5
    Power Kick 6
    Psy Kick
    Rate Reducer Kick 1
    Rate Reducer Kick 2
    Sloping Kick
    Squeaky Kick 1
    Squeaky Kick 2
    Tidal Kick

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