Many DJ’s and beginning producers dream is to start up a record label, which is of course fine and possibly it will become true somewhere is time, near future. Well I’m here to speed up that process, by giving simple advice how to set up the first step to record label and by that I mean: home recording studio, without this your chances of getting dreams to come true are pretty slim, so let’s get to it shall we?

What are You going to invest in?

First ask yourself if you have the luxury to invest in a good equipment and the most important think room treatment, if you can the choose a medium sized room with asymmetrical walls, cover up all the glass surface so it will not interfere with sound quality and refraction, you cannot pick a small room just because it prevents bass frequencies to be full and you cannot change that with any kind of treatment or room makeover. Summing up the first step, choose a bigger room with higher ceilings possibly, cover reflective surfaces, treat the room properly so there won’t be any stereo effects whatsoever

Treating the room properly is very important, you have to place all the equipment correctly and then use cushions to prevent reflecting echo sounds you can do it by all means on your own but there is a whole industry that is actually making all kinds of treatment to your home recording studio and I’m sure they will know their stuff a lot better then a beginning DJ or music producer. The last thing are bass traps, these are one of the most common misconceptions by people who have small studios, one thing you have to know, control that bass frequency know very carefully, if not you will have trouble. That’s all for today keep up the good work guys and visit us sometime soon!