Most common questions about DJing and DJ Tools

Here at Lucid Samples we are starting a new article segment ‘Frequently Ask Questions’ for beginner DJ FAQ, we randomly get email about equipment we use, what is our background therefore we are obliged to answer some of the basic and intermediate level questions which are commonly presented to us.

DJ FAQ: What is possible and what actually isn’t when learning to DJ?

DJ FAQThe question is actually quite easy to split up into two matters: Yes there are basic routines you can learn easily, how to use correctly your software, digital audio workstation, and hardware, mixer, decks so on and so forth. You can learn the proper techniques, styles of mixing, the proper art of scratching, sampling and beatmatching with some difficulties, it’s hard but not impossible to learn while practicing, watching tutorials for instance. These are the generic things which obviously are required and can be achieved like any other routine learning activity in life. But the harsh part and truth is something cannot be applied by only practice, these things require intuition, good observing skills, a bit of talent of course and the most important things are passion, motivation, love and belief put into genre and music in general you want to make. Audience really feels how you really are behaving when performing, is it lazy, without passion, lifeless, this will move towards weak performances, low interest from the audience. Giving all you got and the power of your heart poured into the performance isn’t something you can learn by practicing DJ mixing etc, its something you must have and be at pace with in life as a person. Your motive is what counts for extremely good DJ performances the best DJ’s in the world are the best not because they have awesome tech but they love what they do at most. Second question revolves around, ‘Will better tech make me play better as a DJ?’ it depends in most instances. DJ FAQ tech tools are means which provide you with ability to gain experience and effects of your work, therefore just like artist, some require expensive attributes some need only pencil to make what the want to achieve, the tech will only give advantage in time in which you might travel with in your DJ journey. Some DJ FAQ will reach their goal by using relatively old and easy to use tech and some will not that depends on your goal and you need to figure it out on your own. This sums up our today’s segment of DJ FAQ hope you liked it, cheers and be sure to tune for more soon, keep up the good work and bye!