DJ Habits, this type of problem will be attached to anyone who is learning full on his own, without any kind of school, or expertise level got from professionals. If you are going through DJ’ing and music production you are certainly bound to develop a habit, which is not good if you look at your work as a whole picture, some habits are good that’s true, but we will discuss only those which are common and utterly bad. At the end of this short article you will be glad, that you found out the reason which might hold you up in your further career and it’s diminishing your work and making you feel unsatisfied with your work and self.

DJ Habits can be good or bad.

dj habitsFirst thing which is very common and it is really stopping you from getting to the next level is tweaking the loops you have done till now, I sure you have a whole drive of loops and sections you’ve been working on for weeks because  they ‘can be better’ of they just ‘need a little bit of work’ still you should pass at the stage when you really like the loop you made and tinker around in a small window of time you just established for yourself and in the end just stop and finish the whole track, tweaking with loops for too long will always result in not making enough productions and this is not the thing you want to do as a producer or a DJ. Work on those loops and put them out there as quickly as you find them interesting and good sounding.

Second thing is being stubborn in using the same production tools(production samples) all over again, you are using the same sample packs all over again in five next tracks, that’s really bad and you should feel somewhat ashamed, diversify your mixtools, if you have a good day buy yourself new DJ samples and work on a completely new project, figure out how you can upgrade the old samples meanwhile, I’d suggest using new instruments, like borrowing something from a fellow DJ, a nice guitar rig, or synthesizer it will give you much value and advance the new track to a new quality standard, you will then see how much you need to focus on making different stuff with new software and hardware all the time, don’t stand in one place and move on with your projects, you will feel a lot better and motivated to work.

The last thing is thinking about all the technical stuff when you need to write and compose the track, and mixing the whole thing ‘deaf’ always try to compose first, don’t think about the final sound, write down the whole song, the breakdown or all parts, and the fill it with technicalities,new sound effects for instance. Then if you are going in to the mixing part please use your ears, listen to the mix while you are doing in, try not to go by heart with everything and trust me, you will always be deceived by ear in the end, don’t do the mixing blind.