FL studio 12It’s been a while since a new release have had arrived from Image Line the producers of famous FL Studio digital audio software. Lifetime update policy is coming down for the next year which is an awesome news for long term partners and FL Studio users. Some of the most anticipated changes are completly redisigned interface into vertical stance, so you can use now many rows of monitors for your comfort of work. The upgraded and expanded editions are further developed with new things which is not a surprise, the additions are quite huge so the owners can feel really good about their past purchase. What makes us really happy about the new FL Studio update it’s the increased support for VST plugins the 64bit included, this makes a lot space for improvement, tweaks and the support itself makes implementation of experimental plugins a lot easier. If you want to check out the full list of upgrades and updates please visit the source of this article. There you will find the announcment and useful information about on of the most popular digital audio workstation choice in the DJ community and music producer studios.

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FL Studio Announcement