One of the things which comes with time and usually is the most difficult art to learn for a DJ’ing beginner is Beat Matching, we prepared a couple of advanced tips and tricks for you to establish this very important skill, hopefully this will help up all you guys having problems with advanced techniques. Let’s get started!

Best tips for beat matching

First, be confident in your maths, it is nothing difficult at all, as an example let’s take 140BPM, if you want to mix a song that is 70BPM then it’s obvious that 70+70=140, you need to fast up the track in this manner, most CDJs will auto beat match 8% or 16%, but the rest is up to you to match manually. Just remember to check up the pitch a bit it may save up time and it can ease up the further work, this is the most important tip.
If you want to make things interesting try changing overall tempos of tracks you are going to beat match, it will make the project much more interesting, but the catch is to make the difference only slightly, just a few BPM per song in the whole mix is enough to make it different in a positive manner.
Now the most obvious one if you are going to mix song close in BPM parameter you will find out quite fast that you need to check up and search for songs and tracks in the same genre if you are into house, then fill up the library with house sample packs and house tracks if will give you the flow you need, make the whole mix fluent and smooth.