Hello fellow DJ’s and performers of any kind, today we came up with amazing easy steps to keep up the stress level intact when performing up the stage. Some of you might get a bit sceptical about this tips and their worth, but we thought about it completely and it came obvious that if stages and steps are easier the better to understand the issues and keeping everything cool and safe.

What is most important not to fail and be stress out is simply being prepared solid for the gig, this one is in many times omitted by other performers which keeps the on the edge simply because if you are not prepared for one ease scenario, you will not be prepared for other random occurences and shockers which sooner or later will be included in your DJ’s stage career. Keep the plan simple, use playlists, check all the equipment and staff at the gig site, make a short interview with people responsible for the place, that’s it all these steps will give you some level of confidence in your performing skills. Next one is having somekind of contingency plan for unusual cases, where you have a cooperating DJ’s with you, prepare for starters a variety of beginnings in different tempos, genres and levels of energy, you never know how the crowd will behave. Next one is quite important on many levels, keep your health level at maximum performances can be really a nightmare when it comes to your health, energy levels and of course sleeping schedule, have a water to drink while keeping up the performance, breath deeply when you are getting worried and try to make all best since all other things are ready to go without any problems, get a good sleep before and maybe a little sport will have a positive impact on your psyche and future performance. The last to are connected strictly with your way of thinking, it is important to know what people will think about your gig but mind you almost every performance has people who want to deliberatly ruin your night, so you cannot focus on that, do the opposite and try to concentrate on people who really are having a good time, do NOT overthink what is going on and focus and doing your best, that is the way to go, the best you could is in most cases good enough if you posess the skills you need to give a decent gg afterall. This is everything we have on the matter hopefullly you enjoyed the article and please visit our audio sample packs boutique, cheers and see you at next occasion!