Since mashup culture became prominent in the last years, many young DJ’s and producers are interested in the subject and not just because it is extremely popular, but it can actually be the first step to get into remixes which is a bit more complex as we all know. I know the tips aren’t probably exciting, but they are actually stone-hard basic rules which will save you effort and give you the right attitude towards mashups and remixes in general.

First what you need to know and be concerned of is the genre you are going to pick, or you will need to unveil, so you like a song, you want to make a good mashup, get to know your thinks right, if you know for sure that the song is connected to dubstep, then pick another song strictly from this genre and not from a random one, that is a prinnciple you cannot avoid since you are just getting familiar with the art of mashup, thing will get nasty and difficult if you avoid this step.

Second stop is getting to know your harmonics in the song is made in G major for example try to find out songs for the mashup that will match the keynote in other words similarity is important it will help you manage the mashup so it will be catchy and will not sound strange odd like it will when you experiment, we are here for consistancy please remember that. This step will help you avoid frustrations that are very common while you try to get into mashup culture.

The third step is quite easy and it is fundamental for DJ music in general. Try to not overcommit mashup two songs first not many many more, keep things simple, clean and easy. Two songs sometimes if they are complicated can give you a headache, couple of more and it will be even worse I can assure you. These are the tips I can share with you so get your mixtools ready and keep on practicing till you get it right, there is nothing in this world that comes cheap and it is of great quality, it requires patience and a lot of practice. Please visit our webstore for new mashup audio tools and other handy stuff.